JETS INSIDER - James Brown

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, James Brown answered questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, attacking midfielder James Brown answered questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Brown discussed topics including his ankle injury, his preferred playing position and his footballing idol growing up.

@kaelinosborn asks via Twitter: James, what are your personal goals for this season?

James Brown (JB): Just to stay fit and play injury free. If I can do that, hopefully I-ll be able to play consistent football, look to lock down a starting spot and score some goals as well.

Wilson Clarke asks via email: In the current system the Jets play, what is your preferred role?

JB: There-s plenty of depth and competition for places up front there, so I-d be happy anywhere in the attacking third and it just depends on what Gary has in mind for me.

I do enjoy playing as a number 10 and getting plenty of ball at my feet, but I-m comfortable out wide as well.

@Samnizzi asks via Twitter: Is the team feeling fit and confident for the season opener?

JB: We-ve been in pre-season for a long time and I think our fitness levels will definitely be up there with all the other teams in the league.

We-ve had a couple of good hit-outs against other A-League opposition this pre-season and I think we-ve done pretty well, so that gives us confidence heading into the season.

@ZadsLads asks via Twitter: Hi James, on a scale of 1 to "I'm not leaving the house today," how sick of James Brown jokes do you get?

JB: Probably “I-m not leaving the house today”. People constantly asking “Do you feel good?” gets pretty repetitive after a while.

Scott Walsh asks via email: How much did the ankle injury bother you last season? Does it have a bigger effect mentally or physically?

JB: I think it has an effect on both. I don-t like to make excuses for the season I had last year, but I definitely wasn-t playing at 100 per cent.

In saying that, if I put my hand up to say that I-m fit enough to be running around out there and playing games, then it-s up to me to perform at the level I expect of myself.

It does affect your confidence a little bit, just knowing you-re not able to strike the ball as well as you like or change direction quickly.

I suppose the one thing I learned from last season was that you can-t compete in this league unless you-re at your absolute best and that-s what I-m looking to get back to this season.

@B5Grant asks via Twitter: Hi James, you haven't seemed to be able to recapture the mojo you had with Gold Coast. Will this be the year it returns?

JB: If I can get fit and keep injury free, I think I should go close to hitting that form or even better.

I-m in the right spot in terms of the work I-ve put in with my rehab and what not, so as long as I can get my ankle right.

@DeeRose_9 asks via Twitter: What are some of your hobbies outside of football?

JB: I just like to relax and go fishing. I-m also learning to play the guitar at the moment.

@boomshanka1976 asks via Twitter: What is currently on your most recent iPod playlist?

JB: Artic Monkeys and Interpol.

@newyboys asks via Twitter: How jealous is the rest of the squad at Josh Brillante-s beard? Anyone planning similar?

JB: I think a few of the boys are pretty jealous and I-m definitely one of them. I-ve got a moustache, but it-s nothing like the beard. If I could grow one of those I probably would.

@DeeRose_9 asks via Twitter: Which club did you support while growing up? And was there a specific player you looked up to?

JB: I used to support the Kingscliffe Wolves in the Gold Coast league. There was a player there called Luke Morely who used to bang in some goals and I used to look up to him.

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