JETS INSIDER - Tiago Calvano

In this week's edition of Jets Insider, defender Tiago Calvano is answering questions submitted by the Club's Members and supporters.

In this week's edition of Jets Insider, defender Tiago Calvano is answering questions submitted by the Club's Members and supporters.

The Brazilian defender covers topics including his form this season, scoring his first A-League goal against Perth and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

@W0LV3S asks via Twitter: Tiago, you seem to look more comfortable with your role at the back this season. What has been the catalyst?

Tiago Calvano (TC): It-s my second season here, I know the competition better and I know my teammates better. I also know the opposition we play against and that makes it easier.

We had a very good pre-season to prepare. It was a long pre-season but it has helped me a lot this year.

@reidloder asks via Twitter: Who was your inspiration growing up?

TC: Definitely my dad who was a man who I looked up to and he taught me everything. My cousin was another inspiration. He was a footballer and also someone that I looked up to.

@Ivankovic_ asks via Twitter: How did you feel scoring the first goal against Perth last Saturday night?

TC: It is always good when you score but unfortunately it wasn-t enough to help the team to win the game. I-d prefer if I didn-t score and we won the game.

@MrGlass23 asks via Twitter: Congrats on your first A-League goal last weekend Tiago! Could you explain the celebration you did after you scored?

TC: I have a lot of friends in Brazil who go to parties and they dance like that. I promised them when I scored my first goal I would do that dance.

@phhilchhow asks via Twitter: Hi Tiago. Are you excited about World Cup 2014 in Brazil? Do you think we deserve to host a World Cup here in Australia?

TC: I-m very excited for the World Cup in Brazil. It will be an amazing event and a big thing for our whole country. I know everyone in Brazil is really looking forward to it.

As for Australia having a World Cup - for sure, why not!?

@bradley2HC asks via Twitter: How did that water in the bottle that was thrown at you in Sydney taste? Funniest dude hahaha.

TC: It was beautiful, very refreshing.

@Micky_Bridges8 asks via Twitter: Ask Tiago who is the best chef and BBQ champ?

TC: I am! Bridgey was my assistant, but he did a good job.

Shaun Wheeler asks via email: What is it like playing with such an experienced footballer like Emile Heskey?

TC: It-s very good playing with a player like him. He-s very experienced, has played in World Cups and for big Clubs. He-s a humble guy and it-s unbelievable to have him around our team.

Ryan Jensen asks via email: What are you expecting when you play Wellington Phoenix this season, given what happened in pre-season?

TC: It will just be one more game for us and we will try to win like always.

Mitch McDonough asks via email: What was it like to play at Young Boys with Ljubo? How influential was Ljubo in getting you out to Australia? Would you enjoy seeing him play in Jets colours alongside you one day?

TC: It was a good time over there with Ljubo. Unfortunately we didn-t play together too much because Ljubo had a few injuries and there were some changes in coach before he decided to come back to Australia.

He had a big influence in me coming to Newcastle. He called me and asked if I was interested in playing in Australia and that is how I got in contact with the Jets.

He is a good footballer, a good guy and I wish him all the best. If I can see him on the pitch again it would be great.

Mitch McDonough asks via email: You had a run in preseason in midfield - do you prefer midfield or defender?

TC: I-m a defender originally so I think I am more comfortable in defence, but if Gary needs me to play in midfield one day, I-ll be able and I-ll be happy to help the team.

Courtney Parish asks via email: What is your favourite thing about the city of Newcastle?

TC: I like the weather and the people are very friendly. It-s an amazing city and it-s quiet and relaxed, but you also have everything here so there is a lot to do. The beaches are unbelievable too.

Paul Wright asks via email: How difficult is the trip to Perth? Did you ever have to travel that far while you were in Europe?

TC: In Europe when I played with Young Boys in the UEFA Cup we had to travel a long way like we did to Perth, maybe four or five hours. In Brazil we have big flights, from South to North it is like seven hours, so for me it-s not so much of a big problem because I am used to it.

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