Melbourne City far too classy for Jets

Welcome to our Match Day blog for Thursday’s clash between Newcastle Jets and Melbourne City at AAMI Park.

If you can’t follow the match on television or online, track the action in our blog below.

Kick-off is from 7.05pm.

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FT Melbourne City beat Jets 3-1.

90' Fourth official says 4 mins extra time.

88' FOUL The referee has blown the whistle claiming Hoffman has grabbed Tilio. Free kick at the edge of the box.

86' GOAL Ugarkovic has slipped one past the keeper off the back of a Millar run and pass.

80' SUB Stamatelopoulos off and Petratos has come on.

79' SUB Maclaren off and Tsubaki on.

75' SUB Metcalfe off and Berenguer comes on. Nabbout off and Colakovski on.

72' SUB Mauragis comes on for Yuel.

69' GOAL A great run down the right wing from Nabbout. He crosses and Maclaren finishes.

68' SUB Tilio comes on for Noone.

65' SHOT Thurgate from the top of the box following a Hoffman cross to Yuel. Corner kick.

63' SUB Abbas comes on for Prso.

61' SAVE Italiano off the knees. The shot was from Noone.

58' GOAL Prso has been beaten. Jamieson to the top of the box. On the right foot and he's found the net. Melbourne lead 2-0.

56' CHANCE Lovely team play from the Jets, Millar has it in the box but can't make his first touch a good one and Melbourne clear it away.

53' SHOT Metcalfe from inside the box and Thurgate sprints across and gets a foot to the ball.

49' FOUL Galloway hits the deck on the edge of the D and the referee says there was a foul committed by Ugarkovic. 


45' The second half is under way.

HT Melbourne City lead 1-0.

45' Fourth official signals an additional minute of play.

43' CHANCE Ugarkovic to Yuel works towards the box, crosses it in looking for someone but it's too big. 

40' Thurgate with a wonderful run. Millar looks for the cross and we have a corner. 

39' CHANCE AP with a wonderful ball into the box from a Yuel run, Millar is there and City clean up at the back through Griffiths.

31' GOAL Nabbout into the box, let's rip. There appears they could've been a deflection off the boot of Koutroumbis. Possibly an own goal.

28' CHANCE Yuel wins a corner. Topor-Stanley gets it to the head. Jets win another corner and this time City have it.


25' SHOT Metcalfe with a shot. He's found the post. Close call.

24' Topor-Stanley with a nice defensive job on O'Neill.

23' HAND BALL On the edge of the box the ref has found a hand ball from Topor-Stanley. 

18' SHOT Noone with a shot from the top of the box. Italiano with the dive but it pushes wide.

15' FOUL Prso taken in the back at halfway. 

14' FOUL Ugarkovic pinged for a studs up tackle on O'Neill.

12' CHANCE Through ball to Luna, he can't take control of it and trips over. Chance goes begging for Melbourne. 

9' DANGER A poor pass from Thurgate puts the Jets under pressure. Maclaren has it in the box. Koutroumbis does well to win the ball and get it out of the box.

8' CHANCE Noone with a cross to the six yard box. Danger signs. City gets a touch but the ball goes wide. Jackson does well to get in the way.

3' SHOT Metcalfe with a shot outside the box but it goes straight to Italiano.

2' SHOT Melbourne firing an early shot. Luna gets it in and Maclaren has a crack. It takes a deflection off Topor-Stanley. Corner kick called. 

0' Here we go. We kick things off at AAMI Park.

7.02pm: The teams are on the pitch.

5.40pm: Team lists are in (see below).


Note: Lucas Mauragis is on the bench (there is a double up of Angus Thurgate on the A-League sheet above).

5.30pm: Not long now.


Inside the sheds.


4.50pm: The stadium is in good condition. 


9.15AM: The sun is shining. It's a wonderful day in Melbourne.