Rookie Report: Generation next stepping up

The Newcastle Jets’ academy system is paving the way for the next generation of footballers, with their continued development being a critical concern for the club going forward.

It is the role of the Newcastle Jets coaching staff, along with Technical Director, Kew Jaliens that the Club enables a pathway for upcoming players.

Jaliens and Youth Team coach Daniel McBreen have named some of the standout performers to keep an eye on.

Will Ingram

Ingram has been a star performer for McBreen’s youth team in recent weeks and has been catching the eyes of his coaches with his crossing ability.

Mostly deployed as a left-back, Ingram has demonstrated his versatility on the flanks.


“Will has exceptional crossing and that’s important for a full back,” McBreen said.

“He was recently promoted, and he has been making the most out his chance. He has big potential.”

Jerick Loachaivaj

Loachaivaj is playing his trade as a midfielder in the U18s male system and is impressing his coaches with his energy and commitment.

The central midfielder is showing all the right signs to continue on this promising trajectory.

“Loachaivaj is a player that we are keeping our eyes on,” Jaliens said.

“In games, he gives it everything and puts it all on the line.”


Chole Walandouw

Walandouw is currently within the U20s female group and her read of the game is a notable strength of the versatile player.

“I think Chloe is doing really well and she has great potential,” Jaliens said.

“If she keeps pushing, she will only get better and have more opportunities.”

Amy Parkinson

Parkinson is also playing in the U20s female youth team and is a youngster who leads by example.

“Amy’s a player who doesn’t mind doing the hard stuff and she can make the difference,” Jaliens said.

“She plays tough and that’s an important part of the game.”