Forward Tete Yengi

Jersey Number


15. Tete Yengi: A towering attacker that stands at 196 centimetres, the 20-year-old grew up in Adelaide.

Yengi is the younger brother of Kusini, who plays as a forward for Adelaide United.

Looking to establish his own name and path, the striker joined the Club in 2020 via the South Australia NPL side, Adelaide Comets.

Yengi has South Sudanese heritage and will look to use his height and speed to trouble A-League defences,


My hidden talent is ... I’m good at basketball

The untidiest teammate is ... Lucas Mauragis

The best dressed teammate is ... Luka Pršo

The worst dressed teammate is ... Lucas Mauragis

My karaoke song is ... I don’t have one. I don’t really do karaoke.

If I could have three people, dead or alive, over for dinner, they would be ... Neymar, Bebe and Messi to talk about football

My favourite holiday destination is ... I haven’t been to the Maldives, but I want to go

My favourite food is ... chicken

Sauces goes in the ... fridge

My favourite sport other than football is ... basketball

My celebrity crush is ... Madison Reyes

My favourite superhero is ... Batman

My signature dish in the kitchen is ... some sort of chicken and rice

A-League 2019/20